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Fully Cable Managed Housing 230v Heater



Transmits Video, Power & UTC (Telemetry) Over one Coaxial Cable

Capable of transmission of TVI. CVI, AHD and CVBS of video signal up to 5MP High definition camera.

Transmission distance of 300m over RG59 Coax

Self Diagnosis of Coax connecting status, no current out when camera is not connected to transmitter

Over load or short circuit protection and Surge Protectio

The HAY-POCTR16 is a 16 Channel System, which provides Power, Video & Telemetry down a single RG59 Coax cable.

The system is quad based so will carry, TVI CVI, AHD & CVBS (analogue) up to a 5MP camera signal.

The system connects via Patch Leads which are provided to the DVR. The simply run your coax cable upto 300mtrs and connect the HAY-POCCAM balun which then provides power 700mA 12Vdc, video & UTC telemetry to your camera.

The system is extremely fast to install and saves using Cat5 or shotgun cable, no additional balun products needed, no additional power needed either from local source or multiway PSU's and the whole system has ground loop isolation built in to eliminate 99% of interferences.

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