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There are 52 products.

Single Channel HD Active Video Receiver

24vDC 3A PSU with Battery Backup Large Box

24vDC 5A PSU with Battery Backup Large Box

Multi Output CCTV Power Supplies

The new MULTI range of power supplies are rewriting the rule book for Multi-way CCTV Power.

This new unit, will now do the job of 3 previous models without losing any of the current range benefits with their unique fuse layout making them cost effective, user friendly & flexible Power supply on the market.

The clear panel in the front of each unit allows engineers to see if outputs are live without opening.

This unit will be replacing our current models:

4 Output - 4A - HAY-PSU412-4A

4 Output - 5A - HAY-PSU412-5A

9 Output - 5A - HAY-PSU912-5A